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Smart Bills

Welcome to SLV Technologies smart bills for your computerised quality and quick billing.It offers simple interface which is easy to use. SmartBills is aimed at automizing the manual process involved in maintaining the sales/physical records of any Garment Shop/SuperMarket/ Departmental Store/Automobile Store.

Smart bills mainly used for garments,general store, supermarketting, automobile and hardware billing. The main feature of this smart bills software is auto barcode generation.

Key Features of SmartBills

>   Facility to Add Customer Details for Credit Customers. Credit Limit is set for individual customers
>   Facility to modify the Tax, Unit Settings
>   Facility provided for Deactivating the Customers
>   Facility provided for data backup
>   Facility for Password Change
>   Facility to generate multiple reports like Sales, Old Barcodes, Stock in Hand on a particular day, Total Stock      Details Available in a range, Bill Cancellation, Items Returned, Different types of Customer Details, Duplicate       Bill.
>  Cash/Card/Credit based Sales Invoice
>  Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly Sales Report generation. There is no      limit for the date range to generate Sales Report
>  Customized Bar Code Generation for each item
>  Information on Items Entry / Returned
>  Information on Damaged Items returned by the Garment     Shop/SuperMarket/  Departmental Store/Automobile Store to the Seller

Advantages of Smart Bills

>  Very User Friendly Software
>  Easy access to any kind of information within minutes
>  Software developed using PHP, Apache Tomcat and MySQL. As these are open source softwares, no licensing cost involved. So huge cost saving for the      Shop/SuperMarket/ Store annually on licensing part
>  This is web-based online software and hence can be accessed from anywhere provided user has internet access
>  No Maintenance issues as the user doesn’t need to worry about where the data is getting stored as it is taken care by SLV Technologies
>  User’s Data is secured as it is in encrypted form